栏目:科研成果  发布时间:2017-10-09
序号 第一/通讯作者 题名 刊名
1 郑建颖 Non-intrusive Traffic Data Collection with Wireless Sensor Networks for Intelligent Transportation Systems Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks
2 徐斌/郑建颖 Analysis and Design of Real-time Micro-environment Parameter Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things
2016 IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things (iThings) and IEEE Green Computing and Communications (GreenCom)
and IEEE Cyber, Physical and Social Computing (CPSCom) and IEEE Smart Data (SmartData)
3 徐斌/郑建颖 An Adaptive Vehicle Detection Algorithm Based on Magnetic Sensors in Intelligent Transportation Systems Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks
4 郑建颖 基于无线传感器网络的轨道交通结构健康监测系统 实验科学与技术
5 唐永圣 Distributed long-gauge optical fiber sensors based self-sensing FRP bar for concrete structure Sensors
6 唐永圣 Self-sensing and strengthening effects of reinforced concrete structures with near-surfaced mounted smart basalt fibre–reinforced polymer bars Advances in Mechanical Engineering
7 唐永圣 Displacement monitoring using distributed macro-strain measurement 4th International Conference on Sensors, Measurement and Intelligent Materials (ICSMIM 2015)
8 唐永圣 Concrete structure monitoring with distributed long-gauge optical fiber sensor 4th International Conference on Sensors, Measurement and Intelligent Materials (ICSMIM 2015)
9 曹世杰
Investigation on the thermal performance
 of steel heat exchanger for ground source 
heat pump systems using full-scale experiments and numerical simulations
Applied Thermal Engineering
10 曹世杰 Experimental and numerical study on thermal performance of ground source heat pump with a set of designed buried pipes Applied Thermal Engineering
11 曹世杰 Associated relationship between ventilation rates and indoor air quality RSC Advances
12 曹世杰 The impact of manufacturing parameters on submicron particle emissions from a desktop 3D printer in the perspective of emission Building and Environment
13 曹世杰 Thermal performance study of ground source heat pump system with buried pipes for two different configurations IAQVEC 2016 proceedings
14 曹世杰 Influence of manufacturing parameters on particle emissions of commercial desktop 3D printers IAQVEC 2016 proceedings
15 何立群 Low-frequency Ripple Suppression for Medium-Voltage Dives Using Modular Multilevel Converter with Full-Bridge Submodules IEEE JOURNAL OF EMERGING AND SELECTED TOPICS IN POWER ELECTRONICS
16 朱灿焰 Energy Efficient Relay Positioning and Power Allocation for One-Way N-Relay Channel
17 朱灿焰 Compensatory Analysis and Optimization for MADM for Heterogeneous Wireless Network Selection
Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering
18 朱灿焰 Coupled Locality Preserving Projections for Cross-view Gait Recognition Neurocomputing
19 沈纪苹 基于传递矩阵法的层状土中管桩水平动力阻抗分析 岩土力学
20 杨勇 三电平三相逆变器快速模型预测控制方法 电机与控制学报
21 杨勇 A Virtual RC Active Damping Method in Weak Grid for Three-level Three-phase Grid-connected Inverters 2016 IEEE 8th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference ,
22 杨勇 Direct Instantaneous Power Control for Three-Level Grid-Connected Inverters International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
23 汪一鸣 Optimal Cooperative Spectrum Aware Opportunistic Routing in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networkers Wire Pers Commum
24 汪一鸣 A topology control and routing method in MCRNs based on power consumption and link stability Wire Pers Commum
25 汪一鸣 基于局部拓扑控制的认知网络路由方法 通信学报
26 朱忠奎 变转速下轴承故障瞬态冲击振动相应形态分析及稀疏表示 振动与冲击
27 朱忠奎 sparse representation of gearbox compound fault features by combining majorization-minimization algorithm and wavelet bases 2016 IMTCP
28 朱忠奎 an efficient sparse dictionary construction technique for bearing fault feature extraction under varible speed 2016 ICCMDEM
29 石娟娟 a tacho-free technique for bearing fault diagnosis via the oscillatory behaviors based signal decomposition and generalized demodulation 2016 PHM
30 蔡改改 基于改进MP的稀疏表示快速算法及其滚动轴承故障特征提取应用
31 王林/蔡改改 Sparse representation of transients based on Improved matching pursuit algorithm for gear fault diagnosis 2016 Tenth International Conference on Sensing Technology
32 黄伟国 基于同底三角形描述的形状检索 电子学报
33 黄伟国 Salient Contour Matching for Object Detection 2016 ICIHMSC
34 黄伟国 Colorful Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Guided Filter and Retinex 2016 IEEE ICSIP
35 王俪静/肖为周  Research on competition character of urban rail transit and conventional bus ——Taking Suzhou rail transit passenger corridor as an example The 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Planning CEUP 2015
36 沈玮薇/肖为周 Passenger Satisfaction Evaluation Model for Urban Rail Transit: A Structural Equation Modeling Based on Partial Least Squares Transport Policy
37 刘金建/李成 On bending, buckling and vibration of graphene nanosheets based on the nonlocal theory Smart Structures and Systems
38 陈玲/李成 梯度型非局部高阶梁理论与非局部弯曲新解法 力学学报
39 李成/李成 Nonlocal thermo-electro-mechanical coupling vibrations of axially moving piezoelectric nanobeams Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines
40 刘维 Upper bound analysis for estimation of the influence of seepage on tunnel face stability in layered soils Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE A
41 李雷/毛凌锋 Investigation of visible light absorption in Cu2O/TiO2 heterojunctions with an interstitial at interface Phys. Status Solidi B,
42 李雷/毛凌锋 The impact of the dopants on the formation of conductive path in titanium dioxide: ab initio calculations THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL B
43 李雷/毛凌锋 The relationship between the interstitials location and the visible light absorption in titanium dioxide: ab initio calculations JOURNAL OF OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS
44 孙莉/毛凌锋 The phononic crystal interface layer determines the slow-wave and the pulse broadening effect TURKISH JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING & COMPUTER SCIENCE
45 孙莉/毛凌锋 A method to measure the distance among scatters and the scatters’diameter in artificial composite materials Ultrasonics
46 盛洁 异构无线网络业务接入多目标优化控制算法 电子学报
47 盛洁 Multi-objective optimal based service access control algorithm for heterogeneous wireless networks ACTA ELECTRONICA SINICA
48 史培新/张顶立 Geological Investigation and Tunnel Excavation Aspects of the Weakness Zones of Xiang’an Subsea Tunnels in China Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
49 史培新/史培新 Rock Mass Grouting in Major Weakness Zones during Subsea Tunneling Proceedings of the 50th US Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium. 26-29 June, 2015, Huston, TX, USA
50 张洁/史培新 Concrete Filling Technology for Long Distance, Large Diameter Gongbei Tunnel Pipe Roof Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (CEUP2016), , Xian China, June 23-25
51 孙玉娥 A Double Auction Mechanism for Heterogeneous Multi-unit Spectrum Trading Chinese Journal of Electronics
52 孙玉娥 Privacy-Preserving Strategyproof Auction Mechanisms for Resource Allocation in Wireless Communications In Proc. of BIGCOM 2016
53 陶砚蕴/陶砚蕴 A Genetic Algorithm-based Multicast Tree for Routing in pub/sub System ICCIP2016
54 陶砚蕴/陶砚蕴 A systematic EHW approach to the evolutionary design of sequential circuits Soft Computing
55 吴澄(第一) Recognizing Visual Attention Allocation Patterns Using Gaze Behaviors The Second International Conference of Young Computer Scientists, Engineers and Educators (ICYCSEE)
56 吴澄(通讯) A novel approach of cognitive base station with dynamic spectrum management for high-speed rail Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Agents in Traffic and Transportation,
57 吴澄(通讯) Application of Reinforcement Learning on High-speed Rail Cognitive Radio  International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Techniques and Applications (AITA2016)
58 赵威风 Impact of openings on fire properties in the confined corridors Applied Thermal Engineering
59 胡增荣  石墨烯-镍纳米复合材料的制备及性能  材料热处理学
60 胡增荣 Laser sintered single layer graphene oxide reinforced titanium matrix nanocomposites.  Composites Part B: Engineering.
61 胡增荣  Numerical simulation of temperature field distribution for laser sintering graphene reinforced nickel matrix nanocomposites.  Journal of Alloys and Compounds.
62 胡增荣 Laser sintered graphene nickel nanocomposites Journal of Materials Processing Technology
63 胡增荣  Graphene-reinforced metal matrix nanocomposites – a review Materials Science and Technology
64 李攀 Optimal Allocation of Tunnel Safety Provisions Based on a Quantitative Risk Assessment Model Scientific Programming
65 陶雪慧 An Estimation Method for the Efficiency of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Devices Journal of Power Electronics
66 陶雪慧/通讯作者 Analysis and Design of CLL Resonant Multi-channel LED Driver with Balance Capacitor
67 谢门喜 Equivalent Analysis of MAF and CDSC applied in loop SRF-PLL Proc. of the 8th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference 2016
68 谢门喜 Improving Dynamic Performance of Five Types of dqCDSC-PLL Using Digital Phase-Lead Compensator Proc. of 2016 IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference (EPEC 2016)
69 杨剑宇 Metric learning based object recognition and retrieval Neurocomputing
70 杨剑宇 Invariant multi-scale descriptor for shape representation, matching and retrieval Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU)
71 杨剑宇 Parsing 3D motion trajectory for gesture recognition Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation (JVCI)
72 杨剑宇 Contour based shape matching for object recognition International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications (ICIRA’16)
73 杨剑宇 Invariant Multi-Scale Shape Descriptor for Object Matching and Recognition IEEE Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP’16)
74 朱灿焰 28nm Latch Type Sense amplifier Coupling Effect Analysis ISIC 2016,IEEE